Fair Promotion at Guangzhou

作者:管理员 发布时间:2015/11/25 10:41:36


Guangzhou, Guangdong - Xiamen Tea Fair 2016's promotion in 2015 started from Guangzhou.


The organizing committee will once again promote Xiamen Tea Fair for a period of two days in this Guangzhoun trip. The Tea Expo, Guangzhou, a large concentration of the Xiamen Tea Fair's many old customers, fully demonstrated the Xiamen Tea Fair's influence and appeal. During the visit to the old exhibitors, they have said that the positioning of Xiamen Tea Fair's mature, high-end, high efficiency, had received wide acclaim in the industry. The old customers except for the consistent support, also actively recommended their peer friends to come to Xiamen Tea Fair; fully show the support and trust of Xiamen Tea Fair!


Guangzhou as one of the national tea enterprises relatively concentrated areas, high attention has been well received by the Xiamen Tea Fair organizing committee. Xiamen Tea Fair will strain every nerve to provide a good publicity platform for them in all aspects of exhibitors, customers, internal and external propaganda, the benefit. This fair, investment promotion in the field of positive and fruitful, talk about participating enterprises, their needs and suggestions of Xiamen exhibition and so on, these valuable experience will promote the growth of the Xiamen Tea Fair, we are confident to achieve Xiamen Tea Fair leap again! Building a high platform, a full range, high yield for the industry heart of the tea industry trade fair!


October 20-24, Xiamen Tea Fair 2016, welcome your participation!