Spring Breeze from Tea - the history of Tea and Xiamen

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The character for tea is pronounced and spelled similar to té in the Min-Nan dialect, which is spoken around southern Fujian province. Min-Nan dialect is also referred as the Amoy (Xiamen) dialect, due to Amoy was one of two main areas that Chinese tea was shipped from in mid 1600s, Western European traders taken the pronunciation to named this magical plant.

Nowadays, as one of the first four special economic zones (SEZ) in China, Xiamen is a municipalities enjoying independent status in state economic planning. Xiamen port is listed in the top 10 ports of China. It boasts of 80 berths of various sizes. There are navigation routes from Xiamen to over 60 ports in more than 40 countries and regions. In 2016, more than 6,000 tons of tea were exported from Xiamen port.

Xiamen Tea Fair 2017 ,which covers 63,000㎡ accommodating 3,200 International standard booths, will be held on 12th- 16th in October. This year, Chinese Tea Pavilion will covers 16,000 square-meters' exhibiting area. In this pavillion, hundreds of branded company from different regiones of China will bring their best tea of the year to share with all tea lovers. Products includes pure tea (green tea, black tea, white tea, dark tea, etc.), herbal tea, blend tea, and flower tea. Besides Chinese Tea Pavilion, Taiwanese Pavillion will display unique tea products from this treasure island. Oversea Pavilion will also exhibit tea from different countries and cultures, including India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, South-east Asian, Malaysia, Russian, Euro-America and other regions.