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If you attended Xiamen Tea Fair, please take this survey

Thank you for attending Xiamen Tea Fair. Your feedback is very important to us. Please take a moment to complete the survey below so that we may continue to grow this event and meet the needs of each of our attendees.

1. How many times you have attended Xiamen Tea Fair?

2. Please rate your overall experience at Xiamen Tea Fair (5 being the best)?


3. Please describe your experience at Xiamen Tea Fair.

4. What did you like most about Xiamen Tea Fair?

5. What did you dislike about Xiamen Tea Fair?

6. What type of tea-related exhibitors would you like to add to the show floor?

7. What tea industry speakers would entice you to register for forum?

8. What, if anything, is missing from the Xiamen Tea Fair event?

If you didn’t attend Xiamen Tea Fair, please take this survey.

1. What Xiamen Tea Fair lacks of to attract you to put it into your schedule?

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